Colwall CC June 2020 Newsetter

June 2020 – Newsletter

Welcome to our first members newsletter of the summer and one which I hope will provide you with an insight of what is going on at the club. I can assure you plenty has been! I do hope everyone is in good health in these extraordinary times we are living in. Fingers crossed we will see some cricket this year albeit in what format is still an unknown.


Can I first of all thank all of you who have paid your membership and indeed donations, this has reached nearly £2,000 which will be of great benefit to the club in the future. If you haven’t and you cannot due to the current situation that is fully understood. A reminder will be issued at the end of the month for others who may have just forgotten. Sponsors I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Champion Security and Lockley Homes who are the Clubs main sponsors for 2020 despite no cricket being played. I cannot thank you enough and we look forward to seeing you at the club once we get the go ahead. Your support cannot be underestimated.

Thanks to all our fixture card sponsors who were committed for 2020. We did not go to print and saved ourselves some money but we are hoping we can rely on your support for the 2021 season. Thank you to Adrian Berry, our President, who kindly donated £1,000 from Hills Number plates. Adrian retires this month, Hills have been great supporters of CCC.


It’s been a busy time down at the club over this period some welcome some not! Unfortunately we have had to get the police engaged on occasions. I must say thank you to them for helping us overcome some unwanted individuals on our ground. On a more positive note, we have seen lots of people using the ground for exercise and picnics. This is perfectly acceptable if you are members. All of our grounds take a lot of up-keep and for £20 you can join.


Derek and a team of helpers are keeping the ground in magnificent shape, all we need now is some cricket! A practice wicket has been prepared, all the grounds have been sprayed and with recent rain it could not look better. Nets have began on a restricted basis last week bit I am sure more will be possible as we move forward into July. The one fear I do hold is that cricket will be placed at the back of peoples minds and some will see this as an ideal opportunity to look elsewhere or indeed retire! We will see.


On the financial front, as mentioned earlier, membership drive has gone well and the “102” club has been an outstanding success. Thank you Jane and Rob for your fantastic work and indeed your generosity of donating the first £100 prize to the club. Thank you also to Janet Walker and Jack Knight-Adams. The club overall is holding up well but we can never be complacent, we only need some machinery to go wrong like last year and all the hard work will need to start again.

The Next Challenge

Funding for redevelopment of our netting Area One of our biggest challenges is to get our nets back to their former glory. A current estimate is that it will cost approx £16,000 such is the state of disrepair. This is a considerable amount of money for any club let alone CCC so this is why we need everyone to contribute in whatever way you can.

I have had many suggestions with regard on how we move forward on fund raising ideas, one such ideas being a “members loan scheme” which is currently in serious consideration. Would you be happy to enter such an arrangement? Help Required Can I say a big thank you to Ali Martin, assisted by Dan Newby & Kat and Stu Martin for the great work on the hedge cutting around the netting area.

We do have other jobs around the club so if you have a spare moment can you help with the following:

  • Garage door requires painting
  •  Ghost meadow Pavilion needs internal painting
  • New BBQ area requires painting
  • Benches around the ground and in front of the pavilion
  • Shed needs pulling down and ground prepared for new storage
  • Club needs a full deep clean

Please e mail me if you are happy to help

Social & Community Matters

On the social front when the current rules are relaxed a little further, we would like to look at the potential of organising a club ‘summer picnic’ on the ground. Let’s hope this can be done sooner rather than later. Ideas on what we can do going forward are really welcome, we do have a band of volunteers but as ever we do need more. It’s a regular plea from me and one I do hope to have a response. As previously mentioned, I am very keen to make sure our club is open to the community and my recent experience of meeting people on our ground whilst walking dogs, exercising or picnicking has provided me with further encouragement. Many villagers have no idea we exist or alternatively are unsure if they can join.

Spreading the word and getting greater engagement must be one of our actions going forward. Can you help in promoting the club? Do you have any ideas on how we best approach this opportunity? Let me know.

What next?

Actually playing some cricket? Our Junior take up on current net availability has been strong. Great to see so many on the ground over the past 2 weeks. I do think Junior cricket will have the focus when hopefully starting recreational cricket in August and September.

Can I call upon coaches to discuss what is possible re competitions, fun games etc. Speaking to the CLOGS, Sunday cricket may be a target which would be great to see. As for our 4 senior teams, we currently have no indications other than the league programme has effectively been cancelled. Do we play local sides in cup competitions? Do we play friendlies? All subject to speculation at the moment. Importantly maintaining everyone’s interest in the game of cricket has to be paramount. Never forget play as much as you can, as long as you can and never forget there is no better place to play than CCC.

Other News Items

Thank you to Matt Morgan for the new seats located under the Ghost Meadow pavilion. These are a great addition. Some bird boxes have been located around the ground, thanks to the Clogs. These are in memory of John Sangster, a founding member of the best social side in the area.

Some of you may see the main alley way gate is locked from Stowe Lane, I can as-sure you this will be opened as soon as the season starts. Delighted to welcome the residents of Stowe Lane as members of the club. Thank you to Laura Peakman for your alerts on ground activity over this COVID period, with your help we have removed some of the issues.

The Club Dinner – A decision needs to be made. Would you like an event subject to what we are allowed or move it to another time?

Future Newsletters

Can you help in future by contributing to our Club Newsletter? It would be great to hear about your memories/stories. Again, please step for-ward we need you! I look forward to hearing from you on the many questions and challenges I have set out in this newsletter. Clubs need helpers and volunteers, standing in the background may see the end of clubs like CCC.

Ask a Celebrity Member of the Club

One of the features we have for this newsletter is a “Ask Celebrity member of the club” In this months communication we have our first team captain James Wagstaff who currently has the best record of any captain in the clubs history by not losing one game!! I hope you enjoy James Wagstaff answering 10 quick questions, it could be you next!! Thanks James for taking part.

1.What is your favourite ground apart from Colwall? Although, no longer here, St Wulstans, Malvern Wells. Beautiful setting. Current ground, Bamburgh at the foot of the castle.

2.Most memorable match you played in and why? Avoncroft away. Dad and I played together and he achieved the Holy grail and got all 10 wickets. I was only 12ish and when we arrived back at Barnards Green where he played he entered as a god like figure. It was amazing as a kid that idolised his dad.

3. What would you change in the rules of cricket if you could? Not much, although, stop making the game all about batting. Bowlers need incentives too, but authorities seem to just want runs and for a one sided competition.

4. Most promising player or players you are currently playing with? PJ Recordon and Ben Febrey. Different reasons but both got a lot of potential if applied.

5.What attributes to do have to make yourself a successful captain? Having played at a high level and with a lot of pros, many who have played for England, I think I have the right outlook in what makes individuals feel part of and become a good team. Hopefully, I have learnt that a Balanced approach and good temperament can lead to success on the field.

6.What are your personal goals as captain of CCC? Retain prem status & see club grow from strength to strength. Having tried for so long, my number 1 priority though is to get to lords and win VKO. I’d be disappointed if with the squad we have if we couldn’t fulfil that objective.

7.What would your perfect cricket CCC tea consist of? Plenty of Sandwiches. And Kim Berry nowhere near the kitchen!

8.Who Makes you laugh the most at CCC and why? Damian Berry, no explanation needed.

9.Which team do you most look forward to playing against? Any team in the latter stages of the National rounds of the VKO. It’s a great day, with a lot of local interest and a great buzz for the day.

10.If you could be someone else in the team would it be and why? No one, I’m happy to be myself.

See you all soon, I hope.

Kim Berry Your Chairman